So long, EVXP

The Electric Vehicle Experience (EVXP) is no longer operating. You can read more about it here. I’ll be keeping the site as a blog for my musings on electric vehicles. As someone who drives one, I have many. Many thanks to our customers and fans. May we look back fondly on our time in the [...]

Great EVs: the Gateway to Good EVs

Someone recently asked us if EVXP’s premise might be somewhat deceptive. Is it fair to use supercars like the Roadster to promote electric vehicles when most EV buyers will end up with a more modest performing car, like the Leaf? To be clear, we’re not out to convince people that a $25,000 electric car will [...]

Speeding our transition to EVs

Electric vehicles are in the news every day: the future of transportation, key to reducing our carbon footprint and dependence on oil. EVs are in the news for other reasons too — performance. Electric motors deliver instantaneous torque like no engine can. But despite this soaring interest almost no one has driven an electric car. [...]

How EVXP Was Born

It took twenty minutes for my heart to stop racing after finishing my first Tesla drive. I was blown away. I was blown away about being blown away. How was this possible? I had followed the car’s development for years, listened to interviews, read reviews. I thought I knew this car. But the experience had [...]